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COVID-19 global employer guide


We have created this COVID-19 global employer guide to provide you with an overview of how jurisdictions around the world have responded to the outbreak.

The COVID-19 pandemic has continued for longer than anyone could have anticipated at the outset and our teams across the world have been continuing to support employers in this in this fast-changing area.

This updated version of the guide takes account of new developments, includes brand new content on testing and vaccination and allows you to make easy, at-a-glance comparisons to help with your business decisions.

Our extensive global footprint means that we are well placed to help employers, wherever they have a presence. Our teams across the world have been supporting employers steer through the legal and practical employment implications raised by the pandemic, including producing a variety of updates. Please see further information contained in our latest briefings on COVID-19 on our Coronavirus hub and contact the following partners if you require advice and assistance. Further, for information on global reorganizations, see our Global workforce reorganization series materials.

Global: Diane Gilhooley

Hannah Wilkins

Elizabeth Graves

Constanze Moorhouse

US: Scott McLaughlin

Michael Woodson

Michael Hepburn

Marlene Williams

Asia: Jennifer Van Dale

Jack Cai

Europe: Frank Achilles

Deborah Attali

Valentina Pomares

Wijnand Blom

Ingrid van Berkel

Middle East:

Geraldine Ahern

The information contained in this document is intended as a guide only. This is a fast-changing topic and, while the information is believed to be correct at the time of publication on February 2020, it is not and should not be taken as a substitute for appropriate legal advice. In particular, information relating to temperature testing and health questioning is subject to guidance being regularly issued and updated by the relevant information authority. Eversheds Sutherland can take no responsibility for actions taken based on the information contained in this document.